Best CPU Coolers: Air and Liquid Cooling in 2021

Best CPU Coolers: Air and Liquid Cooling in 2021

It is not a smart idea to forgo purchasing the best CPU cooler in order to save money for other components. Buying a low-cost CPU cooler and then spending all of your money on other PC components can destroy your overall system. It is not incorrect to state that a wonderful motherboard, finest graphics card, and ideal processor on which you have spent all of your money need a long-lasting and dependable liquid CPU cooler in order to function properly and in excellent shape.

The ideal CPU cooler, on the other hand, is critical in the construction of a PC. Whether you’re using a gaming PC or a regular workstation. It will keep your system components cool, allowing them to function for longer periods of time. It does not imply that you must spend a lot of money on a liquid CPU cooler, and there is a broad spectrum of CPU coolers available, from inexpensive to costly. They are all from well-known companies that do not cut corners when it comes to quality and performance. Wait for a second! I don’t believe the less expensive ones will fail to function properly. They are also efficient, reaching your PC’s full capability for overclocking and CPU cooling.

This article has compiled a list of the best liquid CPU coolers, as well as each best air cooler CPU, and some fundamental questions about these items. We’ll go through their advantages and disadvantages, features and specifications, and client feedback. We will do our best to make it easy for you to pick which one is ideal for you. Everything else is up to you; as we all know, tastes and needs change from person to person, and you should pick accordingly.

Top CPU Coolers – Comparison Table

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The ASUS ROG RYUJIN Liquid cooler is the ultimate solution created exclusively for high-end rigs to give superior thermal performance. It is outfitted with Noctua industrial fans for optimal cooling and silent operation. It incorporates an under-pump fan for additional and better cooling of the M.2 and VRM. It is the cooler that keeps your system functioning at peak performance. It has a LiveDash OLED that displays personalized graphics or setup metrics, as well as the most appealing Aura Sync RGB lighting. If you want the best Cpu clock speed then buy an aftermarket cooler.

It is the outstanding thermal solution that is pushed to become a vital component of your high-end gaming setup. It performs really well, however some consumers grumbled about its exorbitant price, and the general appearance might be more lasting. Some customers also complained that the cover was of poor quality and could easily be scratched.


  • The efficient radiator that is solid
  • It’s calm and pleasant.
  • OLED screen with customizability
  • Large air coolers with four heat pipes and a large heatsink.
  • Best budget air CPU cooler


  • Noisy under heavy loads

Editor’s Opinion

The total installation method is simple, and the performance is excellent. Furthermore, it is the world’s first best AIO cooler with an embedded 1.77inch LiveDash color OLED that displays important system data including voltages, temps, frequencies, and fan speeds. It is also backward compatible with a wide selection of AMD and Intel motherboard platforms, giving you total freedom to pair it with the CPU of your choosing. It also has 38cm of tubing to make routing and mounting easier and more comfortable.


Power Connector Type4pin
Cooling TypeWater Cooler
Fan Size240mm
Speed450 to 2000 RPM

Alphacool Eisbaer 420

The Alphacool Eisbaer 420 cooler is a rapid machine with an ultimate radiator and 320mm PVC tubes with anti-kink springs. It provides a fantastic high-end cooler on the market. It has a closed water cooling system that is simple to install and can be easily expanded thanks to its quick-lock closure. The cooler has a blue flash logo and two G1/4inch threads for connecting to the common water cooling standard. It makes it simple to exchange or replace any parts.

Furthermore, it has a fill port for easily refilling the fluid if the circuit is expanded with a radiator. Alphacool has long been the pioneer in pure copper radiators. In addition, the front chambers and cooling fins are composed of copper. It is advantageous for optimal heat exchange and heat transmission. As a result, this is one of the most popular radiators in the world. Some consumers complained about the excessively short hoses used for front radiator assembly, which hindered the installation process.


  • Expandable
  • There are several brackets.
  • A high-quality radiator
  • Efficient heat transfer.
  • The RAM clearance is fine.


  • Hoses are too short

Editor’s Opinion

Overall, Alphacool has a positive reputation in its industry, and it is renowned for delivering high-quality goods that meet the needs of its customers. Its fans were specifically intended to provide high static pressure for radiators in order to drive air through the fins of the radiator. Its Y-adapter, together with two fans, allows complete control through the motherboard. We propose that you try this product since it has been included in our list of the best CPU coolers.


Power Connector Type3pin
Cooling TypeWater Cooler
Socket supportAM4
Fan Size420mm
Speed600 RPM
Dimensions19.69 x 9.84 x 6.30 inches

Thermaltake Sync CL-W

Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB Sync CL-W is a high-performance cooler intended to work with motherboards that include a 5V addressable RGB connection. It enables you to control the lights directly from software such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and GIGABYTE RGB Fusion without the need to install any extra lighting software or controllers. It also has nine fast-airflow compression fan blades and an eye-catching color LED ring, as well as nine addressable LEDs. Furthermore, the 3600 RPM pump swiftly distributes coolant to remove heat and maintain the copper plate cold at all times.

This ultimate product is designed with a tool-free pump for simple installation and is compatible with main Intel or AMD sockets. Its ARGB controller allows users to change LED modes, speeds, and colors. Users may choose among flow, pulse, ripple, wave, blink, RGB spectrum, full light, and off modes, each having its own set of colors and LED speed settings. So, when it comes to liquid CPU coolers. The cooler works well, however, some customers have complained that the fan is not long-lasting and ceased operating after a few months.


  • Triple-fan configuration with a large surface radiator.
  • LEDs communicate with motherboard software.
  • Improved performance at a lower temperature.
  • Thermal paste has a life of five years


  • No software control.

Editor’s Opinion

In conclusion, the build quality of this water cooler is excellent. Its effective radiator expands the cooling area and provides exceptional heat dissipation. To improve heat conductivity, a high-performance copper plate is employed. Furthermore, its dependable and high-quality pump aids in the circulation of a huge volume of water. This brand has a high reputation in its industry and does not skimp on quality and features.


Power Connector Type3pin
Cooling TypeWater Cooler
Fan Size360mm
Speed500 to 1500 RPM
Dimensions7 x 5.74 x 18.5 inches


Because of its tiny size, the EVGA CLC CPU Liquid Cooler 400-HY-CL is an ideal cooler that is simple to install. It is a completely self-contained all-in-one cooling system. It doesn’t need any maintenance or bespoke tubing, and it’s ready to use right away. This cooler is more comfortable because of its innovative wiring design, which eliminates the need for untidy cables. It has a copper foundation that allows for optimal heat dissipation. It also has a built-in 120mm radiator and 120mm fan to dissipate heat and keep the CPU’s cooling system running smoothly.

It can enhance the already enormous cooling capacity of the cooler and make it a well-liked option for extreme gamers and enthusiasts.

The elite-class liquid cooler offers exceptional performance, safe software controls, and great performance. It performs well, although some customers have complained about the bad mounting style, and the provided fan is enough. They recommended replacing the fan with a better one.


  • The lowest level of noise.
  • It’s compact and simple to set up.
  • Designed without tangled cables.
  • Good performance for its small radiator size 
  • Moving warm air away from your CPU.
  • Good cooling ability.


  • Poor mounting design

Editor’s Opinion

The newest cooling block, on the other hand, provides a higher flow rate and a larger heat transfer surface area for outstanding and effective cooling solutions. EVGA, as usual, released premium fans designed for high-end cooling and quiet operation. Its attractive blade design offers excellent cooling efficiency, and the curved housing reduces noise. Furthermore, the Teflon Nano Bearings have an extended life period. It is the best CPU cooler that allows you to utilize your processor for extended periods of time.


Power Connector Type3pin
Cooling TypeWater Cooler
Fan Size120mm
Speed1800+/-10% RPM
Dimensions9.17 x 7.4 x 5.59 inches

Corsair A50 Air Cooler

The Corsair A50 CPU Air Cooler provides the finest possible protection for your CPU. Excessive heat, as we all know, is a dead giveaway that any gaming setup is about to be destroyed. If your system is overheated, you will not be able to perform well in any work. This CPU can help to prolong the life of your CPU by removing heat softly and effectively. You may also achieve quicker performance by utilizing this cooler. The Intel Core i5 and i7 processors are intended to automatically overclock as necessary. It is the most effective method for lowering your CPU’s operational temperature.

Your CPU understands when it is necessary to activate your CPU cooling and when it is necessary to increase its speed immediately. However, if you do not want to go with an i5 or i7 processor and want to establish your own overclocking settings, this cooler will provide you with the necessary temperature headroom. Overall, it performs well, however some customers claimed that it does not fit in standard mid-tower cases and lacks thorough instructions.Gammaxx 240mm features basic RGB lighting on the pump head and fans.

Some consumers have complained that it only has three wire fans and so cannot withstand high heat.


  • Mounting that is strong
  • The performer who remains unseen
  • Temperatures remain cool even while under high load.


  • No detailed instructions

Editor’s Opinion

Overall, the cooler performs well and is very appealing. The Air series A50’s excellent architecture enables it to outperform your processor’s default heatsink. Its 8mm copper heat pipes connect directly to your CPU and rapidly remove heat through the aluminum cooling fins. By upgrading your CPU’s factory heatsink, you may enjoy years of superb performance.


Power Connector Type3pin
Cooling TypeAir Cooler
Fan Size120mm
Speed1600 to 2000 RPM
Dimensions17 x 19 x 11 inches

Cooler Master A620M

Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M is a large-capacity cooler that does its work in a methodical manner. It has a combination of two sets of heatsinks, allowing for a larger and more enlarged surface area. The black paint is used to improve the performance of radiation cooling. Its six heat pipes array improves uniformity and final thermal connection by distributing heat evenly across heatsinks. It also has an all-in-one mounting configuration for simple installation. Cooler Master presents its best cpu air cooler that comes with a top thermal limit of 150W. The cooling capability is modest with 150W of TDP.

you’ll need to keep your temperatures down with one of these top CPU coolers Keeping your CPU temperatures low is essential for good gaming performance from your PC.

Its new SF120R fan has a silent driver IC and a wide range of RPM settings that may be employed for quiet operation while providing optimal cooling. It also has an addressable RGB LED controller that allows you to change the effects and colors with a single click. Everything is wonderful, however, some consumers are worried about the size being too enormous to consider before purchasing. when it comes to the top CPU coolers for your gaming rig.


  • RGB LEDs that shine brightly.
  • One of the most attractive coolers.
  • Transparent Pump Design .
  • Compatible with the AM4 connector.


  • Fewer written instructions

Editor’s Opinion

Some customers also expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that just two screws were provided for such a Big Air CPU Cooler. Overall, the product offers great features and appearance. It brilliantly assists the CPU in delivering high-quality performance. Aside from that, its hexagon logo and inbuilt controllable RGB lighting strip provide an intriguing perspective light effect. AIO liquid cooler brings a bunch of the most exciting features at a low price point.


BrandCooler Master
Power Connector Type4pin
Cooling TypeAir Cooler
Fan Size120mm
Speed650 to 2000 RPM
Dimensions5.31 x 4.92 x 6.50 inches

Noctua NH-D15-Best CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-D15 is a fan that outperforms many liquid coolers and is well worth its price. This ultimate dual-tower power model can meet all of your overclocking needs. It contains two NF-A15 140mm fans and PWM capability for automated speed control, which increases efficiency. Furthermore, it provides amazing and extraordinary cooling performance that a dedicated gamer demands, and on top of that, it is wonderfully quiet. It features Noctua industrial fans for maximum cooling and quieter operation. 

The majority of folks were astounded and blown away by the excellent looks and performance of this machine. People said they would repurchase this product because it has all of the great qualities. The installation is simple, and the product’s build quality is unparalleled. The fact that the fan does not make a whispering sound was appreciated. However, several customers complained about poor product delivery, and the fans must be more thorough than the heatsink. we’d never recommend a stock cooler to any PC gamer. The stock CPU coolers often have mediocre capacities and are not recommended for overclocking.


  • Fins of superior grade.
  • Exceptional mounting.
  • All-around cooling.


  • Not compatible with Mini-ITX case

Editor’s Opinion

Overall, if you want to purchase a dependable, quick, and quiet cooling fan, this is the finest option. It offers excellent performance and is well-known for its durability. Furthermore, it is compatible with all of the top-tier RAMs on the market. This device is well-known among overclockers, silent enthusiasts, and those looking for comprehensive quality solutions.


Power Connector Type4pin
Cooling TypeAir Cooler
Fan Size140mm
Speed300 to 1500 RPM
Dimensions5.91 x 6.34 x 6.5 inches

Be quiet! Pro TR4

Keep your voice down! Dark Rock Pro TR4 is the product that will get you there. It offers no concessions in terms of stability or performance for overclocked configurations with high-demanding graphics applications. This ultimate product is particularly built for AMD TR4 and has a fantastic TDP rating of 250W. If you don ‘t like the fan noise, you should go for a cooler to make the right. Its PWM fan is equipped with the most sophisticated fluid-dynamic bearings, airflow optimized fan blades, and smooth six-pole motors. This fan performs well, allowing you to handle heavy workloads for extended periods of time.

This remarkable machine is outfitted with seven cutting-edge 6mm copper heat pipes that increase heat conductivity. Small dots on the surface of the cooling fins aid in better and increased air circulation. The one-of-a-kind black covering with ceramic particles aids in heat transmission to the greatest extent feasible. The device has excellent build quality, however, some customers reported that it is not ideal for overclocking and that it is not compatible with all CPUs. In that case, that will lead you to slower performance and a shorter lifetime for your incredible processor,


  • Runs silently.
  • Good looks and aesthetics.
  • High-class cooling performance.


  • No RGB options.

Editor’s Opinion

Aside from that, it has two aluminum heatsinks. Its RAM compatibility is improved by the cuts that come with it. It comes with two pre-installed fans with the option to add a third 120mm fan for increased and efficient cooling. The mounting equipment that comes with it is completely black, matching the cooler flawlessly. The cooler is simple to install from the top with the motherboard. The diamond-cut finish on the aluminum top cover lends a touch of dignity to this premium cooler.


BrandBe quiet
Power Connector Type4pin
CPU Cooler TypeAir Cooler
Fan Size120mm
Speed1200 to 1500 RPM
Dimensions5.35 x 6.4 x 5.75 inches

Noctua NH-L9-Best low-profile CPU Cooler

The Noctua NH-L9 is regarded as the best low-profile CPU cooler. Noctua is a well-known brand that does not skimp on quality or performance. Furthermore, the cooler features superior cooling options and a greater comprehension. It is ideally suited for compact form factors and those based on HTPCs. The product has a low profile of about 37mm, making it ideal for thin cases. It works with tall RAM modules as well as VGA cards on Mini-ITX boards.

Despite its small size, this cooler provides high-end performance without compromising powerful cooling. If you don’t want to use liquid cooling, this cooler is ideal for modest setups. Aside from that, the cooler is highly useful for customers that have a lot of components but don’t have enough room for a huge CPU cooler. It is simple to repair in regions with limited space and on tiny PCs.


  • Cooler with a low profile.
  • Ultra-compact and whisper-quiet.
  • Because of the flexible design, installation is simple.
  • Maximum heat dissipation.


  • Only 92mm fan
  • No protector cover for a heatsink.

Editor’s Opinion

The solution has all of the advanced capabilities required to handle huge workloads. Some consumers, however, complained about the thermal throttling that must be noted during heavy workloads. While other people advised installing a top cover for the heatsink to prevent dust from entering the fan. We propose that you try this product since it has been included in our top selections for the best CPU cooler.


Dimensions3.74 x 1.46 x 3.74 inches
Base Height37mm
Socket SupportLGA1150, LGA1151, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1200
Warranty6 years

Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix-Brighter is Better

The Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix is widely regarded as the most intriguing and greatest liquid CPU cooler. People appreciated this CPU cooler since it is visually appealing and top-of-the-line. Its brightness is a bonus for active users. Corsair is a brand name that retains its exceptional performance and does not compromise on quality and performance. It provides great cooling in stressful settings and overcomes all obstacles in its path.

The device contains a split-flow copper cold plate that aids in temperature maintenance. Furthermore, the CPU cooler has a whisper-quiet centrifugal pump and RGB illumination with Capellix LEDs. Through its iCue software, the firm provides customizable RGB lighting in the Corsair style. This CPU cooler’s performance and high-quality looks are well-liked. CPU will overheat under heavy load.


  • The pump cap is stylish and polished, and it comes pre-installed.
  • The magnetic levitation RGB fans are fascinating.
  • A tool-free mounting bracket makes installation a breeze.
  • Air Cooling is Better.
  • Great cooling performance.


  • Extra bright RGB.
  • No color choice (only black).

Editor’s Opinion

However, several consumers grumbled about the predecessor, which they felt should have been much better and could need some refinement. At the same time, several customers claimed that the cooler is unsuitable for overclocking. In conclusion, if you want a strong liquid cooling system that not only performs well but also looks great, the Corsair iCUE H115i Elite Capellix is the one to choose.


Dimensions12.68 x 5.39 x 4.71 inches
Base Height65mm
Weight2.26 pounds
Socket SupportIntel LGA 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1200, 1366, 2011, 2011-3, 2066 and AMD AM2, AM3, AM4, FM1, FM2, sTR4, sTRX4
Warranty5 years

Final Words

So we’ve compiled a list of the finest CPU coolers to help you pick which one is right for you. It is essential to have a dependable CPU cooler in order to make any gaming setup or task stunning and wonderful. When you need to operate your CPU for lengthy periods of time, you don’t have to worry about it lagging or heating up. Overclocking and overheating will no longer be a concern for you thanks to superb CPU coolers. All you have to do is carefully analyze all of the important factors. And you’ll be in the correct spot.

It is critical that your processor has decent CPU cooling. Heating your unit might cause a system failure that cannot be repaired. If you can afford a high-priced CPU cooler, we suggest the ASUS ROG RYUJIN Liquid. If you’re on a limited budget, though, we recommend the EVGA CLC CPU Liquid Cooler 400-HY-CL. It is reasonably priced without sacrificing quality or performance. We are certain that you will not be disappointed if you purchase this.

Shopping Tips for Best CPU Coolers: Air and Liquid Cooling

 let’s have some quick shopping tips before buying the CPU cooler. 

The CPU is the most important component of your complete system and cannot function if it becomes too hot. You should get an appropriate CPU cooler for your system’s CPU to maintain the temperature of your system. Here are some important considerations to ponder when purchasing a CPU cooler.


The first and most significant factor to consider is your budget. If you wish to update your computer, you must first have your account number. You know how much money you have. However, if you are constructing a new system, it is critical to identify the actual amount of money you must spend.


System designers must choose between them since each has benefits and downsides. It would be beneficial if you choose based on your likes and needs.


Heavy-duty liquid coolers and specialized liquid cooling configurations outperform the best air coolers. They have a lower profile than air coolers since they don’t interfere with case fans, memory, and other components located near the motherboard CPU socket.


When compared to air coolers, they have a lower price-to-performance ratio. Furthermore, they need additional care and may expose you to the danger of leaking.


The best AIO cooler often offers a superior price-to-performance ratio. Aside from that, they are low-maintenance and have a lengthy lifespan.


These are not suited for additional cooling configurations. In other words, if your building requires more cooling, it will underperform. Some high-duty air coolers may be rather heavy, and clearance difficulties with case fans, RAM, motherboards, and other components may arise.


The majority of CPU coolers are designed to work with any CPU socket. However, certain CPU coolers can only be used with particular CPU sockets. So, before you purchase, make sure that the CPU cooler you choose is compatible with the combination of your motherboard and processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which CPU cooler is the best?

The Noctua NH-D15 is a high-efficiency CPU cooler. It can readily manage all of the issues that may arise in stressful situations. Whether it’s gaming or other intensive workloads, this CPU cooler keeps the temperature stable and extends the life of other components. It is very quiet and has a good thermal compound. The device has the excellent build quality and performs well.

Q. Is it worthwhile to get a CPU cooler?

Stock coolers are excellent, but they make more noise, which some people find unpleasant. Meanwhile, if you want to overclock your machine, you’ll need an aftermarket CPU cooling. When you overclock your system, it might get very hot, which can harm your CPU. In this case, we propose Arctic Liquid Freezer 120. It is the best cheap liquid cooler that can keep your system’s components from being damaged.

Q. Is it worth it to invest in liquid cooling in 2021?

If you have any additional money to invest on cooling, liquid cooling is worth it. It will perform more effectively and for longer periods of time if the temperatures of your components are kept low. Liquid-cooling provides superior thermal performance as well as high-quality aesthetics. However, it might be noisier and more expensive for some. If you’ve made the decision to go with liquid cooling, we suggest the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML120R RGB. It features addressable RGB fans and is Intel or AMD compatible.

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