Best Graphics Card for AMD FX 6300 in 2021

Best Graphics Card for AMD FX 6300 in 2021

Whenever we discuss hexacore processors, our brain suddenly clicks on the Ryzen 5 or Intel i5. But the cores weren’t like these from the beginning. When it comes to hexacore processor revolutions, the AMD fx 6300 is a must-have since it was the first hexacore processor to support the AM3 socket, released in 2012.

If a processor offers the highest game value at this low price, it must be purchased. It is incredibly cost-effective, with feeding efficiency equivalent to the most current I core processors. It’ll fit well if you combine it with the following accessories to create a complete gaming system.

When it comes to CPU performance, we can see that it supports the multicore performance of 360-400 line batch points and single-core execution of 74 line batch points. When it comes to geek desk, though, the score jumps to 6676 points.

The boost clock is 3.8 GHz, with a base clock of 3.5 GHz. It is less expensive than most hexacore processors. It is more cost-effective to purchase a motherboard and processor as a kit. The efficiency is slightly better than the volume, but it is average compared to the new gaming processors.

You can use it with 8GB of RAM, DDR 3 1600 MHz, or one of the many high-end graphics cards mentioned below. Counter-Strike, Rise of Tom Rider, Rocket League, GTA V, and a slew of other games run smoothly on it. If you combine this processor with a sound graphics card, you’ll be able to enjoy a high-end gaming experience at a low cost.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best graphics cards you can pair up with this processor to achieve smoothness, etc. We configured to review them uprightly below and have written all of the specialties briefly.

Best Graphics Card for AMD FX 6300

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AMD Radeon RED Devil RX 480

Card Widthdouble
Card Length10.5 inches
Board Power or TDP185 watts
Power Connector(s)1 8-pin

RX 480 promises a high-level performance at a small amount. Talking about its specs, then it is of 4th generation GCN architecture in the RX 480, 2304 stream processor running at a boost clock of 1266 megahertz for peak performance of up to 5.8 teraflops.

This allows you to increase typically linear frequency offset curve specific amounts per voltage point applied to the card. It also gives you the histogram of the last 20 minutes of your card’s activity percentage, core clock speed, memory clock speed, temperature, and fan speed, making it easier to identify issues.

RX470 or RX480 is a good combination with this processor if you overclock your processor. You can bios flash or overclock your RX470 to perform close to RX580. You can play Cyberpunk and many new games with this combination.

The default memory configurations will be 4 gigabytes of GDDR5 memory running at 7 gigabytes per second on the reference configuration and up to 8 gigabytes again of GDDR5 memory but running at 8 gigabytes per second. AMD has also stated that aftermarket configurations may vary but will always feature memory clocks of 7 gigabits per second.

All the memory will be running on a 256-bit memory interface with a bandwidth of 224 gigabytes per second. It’s kind of cool at. First, It looks like just a simple overclocking utility, it can be, but it has some other cool stuff, like per voltage like frequency offsets.

The card features a cooler reminiscent of the awesome-looking aesthetic of the r9 Nano but just more cheaply. There’s more plastic incorporated in the design, and it in places where the Nano would have had shiny metal.

It also features an extension beyond the slightly longer than a nano PCB to add some more heatsink space and incorporating the fan due to this. The six pins PCI II connector doesn’t sit at the end of the card, which some people may not like overall on the outside.

It provides a great blend of CPU and GPU intensive segments throughout; in the games, we found RX 480 and AMD fx 6300 a good pair at such a low price.

The multiple threads of the FX 6300 keep it in the game yielding an average rate of only 10 FPS more melancholy than a processor that’s over three times its price. It handles the 90 DTI reasonably well and 4.6 GHz overclock a long way here.


  • Faster than Radeon RX 480
  • Great 1080p, good 1440p, and solid VR gameplay
  • Sapphire’s Nitro+ customizations look and work great


  • Higher power consumption than Radeon RX 480 under load
  • Lags far behind GTX 1060 in power efficiency


Boostable up to1809 MHz.
CUDA Cores1280
VRam6GB of GDDR5

MSI GAMING GeForce GTX 1060 having specs like relatively more minor fan sound and a lot better FPS while playing games makes it worth buying for. And a high-quality memory feature is also worth mentioning.

This is the best possible combo of CPU and GPU, providing the best detailing during a video game, and it is a must-have for real gamers. Talking about different games which can be run smoothly while having this combo are Fortnite and many others.

It uses Pascal’s 16nm FinFET manufacturing process, but with the GP106 chip rather than the GP104 used in the GTX 1080 and 1070 to boost the frequency at the utmost possible level.

This combination is more than enough for hard-core gamers, and this combination doesn’t do any bottlenecks.

This combo will offer you a much more enjoyable experience while gaming or editing, better animations, and striking visuals. We can play Forza Horizon 4, Valiant, Marvel Avengers, Borderlands 3, Anthem, Black Ops Cold War, Anthem, and many more games at different resolutions and with a lot better FPS.

The gaming performance is quite impressive. It constantly delivers an increased frame rate. And with the release of the latest version, we have seen an extreme lag in their prices. Price vs. performance war, always performance is a win in this combo situation. However, while playing new versions of games, you might feel minor technical difficulties.

Fortnite and Disable 3 provide the epic performance while using this combo while Doom and GTA V. Let’s talk about how FX 6300 is compared to the newer version of processors while compared with GTX 1080. Average FPS while playing games other than Fortnite and Disable three like Far Cry, State of Decay 2, Call of Duty provided 60-70 FPS worth mentioning.


  • Brawny performance for a midrange video card
  • Easily overclocked
  • Well suited to FHD or QHD gaming


  • Expensive among GTX 1060 partner cards
  • Card is much bigger than Founders Edition

EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

Base Clock1354 MHZ.
Boost Clock1468 MHz.
Memory Clock7008 MHz Effective.
CUDA Cores768

EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is the only GPU that helped all the gamers through mining times. GTX 1050ti with AMD fx 6300 is another fire combo that one would want to have in their gaming setup.

A slight change in the settings as needed while playing each game. This combo is undoubtedly a showstopper for gamers.

It is well optimized for newer games like PUBG, Far Cry 5, Rainbow Six Seige, etc. Using a stock cooler with this is an impressive idea. It will maintain the temperature. Overclocking your CPU to avoid bottlenecks is also a way to keep your setup perfectly. What I love about the 1050ti is that the PCI-E slot powers most models.

You can slap them in a lot of systems without changing PSU and all that JAZ. So long as it has a 300w PSU, I believe, for that reason alone, it’s one of everyone’s favorite GPU’S. Although they make some designs for overclocking that, they do require extra power.

You can run 1050ti with an FX 6300 at 4.3, and you may not see any issues with running games maximum settings or high preset at 60-70 fps 1080p most titles. Assasin’s creed, when played with this setup, ran smoothly. Mentioning its drawbacks, With volumetric clouds in the middle, it improves the fps a bit.

But it is silly to raise the shadows high since there is hardly a difference between low and high, only that it consumes more resources and loses a lot of fps. There is not even the option to remove the shadows to improve game performance.

The specs, facts, and figures are different for different setups. People have different types of parts on other PCs, so the performance isn’t similar. If you’re wondering how you can check out the game’s performance, pressing F1 while playing games brings out all the facts about games.

And most of the time, when you experience stuttering in your games, it’s because you haven’t updated your game in a bit. Updating or reinstalling will fix your minor technical issues. Upgrading your RAM is also an option. RAM can be overloaded most of the time, so one must upgrade their RAM for good.

When we played Doom, Disable 3, GTA V, and Fortnite with this combo, we got high FPS at 1080 resolution, while Far Cry and State of Decay gave us a little tough time. So, the games, as mentioned earlier, were quite playable and were smooth.


  • Extremely efficient
  • Excellent price
  • Handles all games at Full HD


  • No SLI support
  • Some games need to be dropped to Medium settings

XFX Radeon RX 560

Interface TypePCI Express 3.0 x16
InterfacesHDMI DisplayPort.
Bus TypePCI Express 3.0 x16
API SupportedOpenCL, Mantle, DirectX 12

In May, AMD announced the RX 560 in two configurations: 2GB and 4GB. Except for the RX 550, which is built on a new Polaris 12 chip, the RX 500 series is based on refined iterations of the Polaris 10 and 11 architectures.

The RX 560 bridges the output gap between eSports and modern AAA games that demand every ounce of power. While the RX 550 is targeted at eSports players and costs less than the RX 570, the RX 560 has almost twice the hardware requirements, resulting in a significant performance boost. AMD has put the Radeon RX 560 to contend directly with the GTX 1050, and we’ll compare the two cards in this analysis to see which is the superior card.

It has an 80W TDP, a 128-bit memory bus, and a base frequency of 1090 MHz with a boost frequency of 1287 MHz.

AMD FreeSync Technology, HEVC 4K decoding, and AMD Eyefinity Technology are all supported by the RX 500 sequence.

For this study, AMD provided us with the XFX RX 560 Double Dissipation OC 4GB card. This card has a factory overclock of 1295 MHz, which is 1.6 percent higher than the reference version, but it shouldn’t make a significant difference in inefficiency.

This is a dual-slot card and has three display outputs, one HDMI 2.0b port, one Dual-Link DVI port, and one DisplayPort 1.4 port, according to XFX. In terms of outlook and build quality.

In many familiar games, the Radeon RX 560 outperforms its main competitor, and it transcends its main competitor in a wide variety of AAA games. With the settings set to medium, the RX 560 is more than capable of providing a smooth gaming experience at 1080p. In almost every contest we reviewed, the RX 560 was significantly faster than the GTX 1050.


  • Compelling 1080p performance at reduced detail settings
  • Fantastic gaming performance
  • Supports modern technologies


  • Comparable performance from GeForce GTX 1050 in most games
  • Needs 1 x 6-Pin Connector

XFX Radeon RX 580

Graphics ProcessorAMD Polaris 20
Card Widthdouble
Card Length10.5 inches
Board Power or TDP185 watts

The RX 580 features 36 compute units, 2,304 stream processors, 144 texture units, and a registered die size of 232mm squared. The ram bandwidth on these cards is 256 bits.

AMD’s “refined” RX 580 Polaris card goes head-to-head with Nvidia’s GTX 1060. It’s a good choice for 1080p gaming with high settings or 1440p gaming if 60 frames per second aren’t your target.

The newest card has a higher base clock speed (1,257MHz) than the Radeon RX 480 (1120MHz) (a jump of just over 12 percent). Also, AMD’s “Peak Compute Efficiency” for the Radeon RX 580 shows a marginal change. The latest card is rated at 6.17 teraflops, compared to 5.8 teraflops for the Radeon RX 480. This constitutes a 6.4 percent raise.

Another factor of Radeon Chill is that you do not need a new graphics card to use it. With “both GCN and Polaris-architecture GPUs,” it’s primarily a software utility.

That means that a Radeon Crimson software upgrade can bring support for AMD’s power-saving functionality to all cards recommending back to the Radeon HD 7000 series (including classics like the Radeon HD 7770).

It has a dual-slot cooler, as do nearly all cards in this range, except this model has two fans. The whole back of the card is covered in a metal backplate with some XFX branding.

This XFX 580 is very large for a card in this output class. It’s about three-quarters of an inch.

More extensive, more than an inch long, and marginally thicker than the stock Radeon RX 480, as well as the stock previous-generation AMD card. In our games testing at 1080p and high settings, the AMD Radeon RX 580 provided between 4 and 11 frames per second boost over the previous-generation Radeon RX 480, which is more than you would anticipate from ordinary overclocking of a stock card.

This boost also helped the Radeon RX 580 keep up with the rival Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 in terms of performance, at least when looking at an 8GB version of the card.


  • Faster than Radeon RX 480
  • Great 1080p, good 1440p, and solid VR gameplay
  • Sapphire’s Nitro+ customizations look and work great


  • Higher power consumption than Radeon RX 480 under load
  • Lags far behind GTX 1060 in power efficiency

EVGA GeForce GTX 660

Base Clock993 MHZ.
Boost Clock1058 MHz
Memory Clock6008 MHz Effective.
CUDA Cores960

In terms of percentages, the 660 isn’t that far from the 670. It has 24 ROPs, a 384KB L2 cache, a 192-bit memory interface, and 144.2 GB/s of overall memory bandwidth, much like the 660Ti. Influential players will have to wait a little longer for the next wave of games to arrive on their televisions, but PC gamers will have to wait no longer.

The GTX 660 can be overclocked in addition to SLI, and EVGA has done so, launching a chip with a base clock of 1046 Mhz and a boost clock of 1111 Mhz. If you’re worried about voiding your warranties by overclocking a card, a card that’s already cranked up should calm your nerves.

It’s encouraging to see real-world success filtering up to higher real-world resolutions like 1,920 by 1,200, and this card demonstrates Nvidia’s commitment to courting the market. The GTX 660 is an excellent way to get good frame rates at a reasonable price, depending on which games you play.

The GTX 660’s power consumption was particularly intriguing. The GTX 660 used a minor power under maximum load than the 7870 GHz Version (251 watts vs. 246 watts) and a lot more power than the 7850 in our measurements (which used 231 watts).

If you’ve been considering updating your video card for a few years, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 is a compelling option that faces stiff competition from similarly priced AMD devices.


  • Decent performance for the price, even at higher resolutions.
  • Introduces Kepler technologies to the mainstream market.


  • Not decisively faster than similarly priced AMD cards in many tests.
  • Power usage higher than that of competitors.

AMD FX 6300 Review


In the last, we will sum up this article of ours by saying that graphics card is the most important component in the field of gaming and if you want to increase the performance, the first thing that should come to your mind about upgrading is your graphics card and as long as you are using FX 6300, you will be fine with any of these graphics cards.

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