5 Best Graphics Cards Under 40 Dollars in 2022

e powerful graphics cards are very expensive and out of range, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a good graphics card that will help you to improve PC’s efficiency. Accordingly, the graphics card under 40 dollars is mainly used for the replacement of your onboard graphics card. It can be used for the tasks like photo editing on software like Photoshop and edit your videos too. These graphics cards will also help you to play the games that require 30 FPS

In this article, we’re going to look at this year’s best graphics cards for under 40 dollars buying guide. We reviewed cards from different manufacturers Let’s boot up and get those fans spinning. A low-budget best graphics card under 40 dollars will help you to improve the performance of your PC, you will clearly see a difference after swapping your onboard graphics card with the below-mentioned graphics cards. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to invest some more money in graphics card, please have a look at the best graphics card under 70 dollars and if you are a gamer or a high-tech editor then the graphics card under 120 dollars are best for you. 

Things you must know before choosing your Best Graphics Card under $40 

While you are going to choose the best graphics card, there are some points that you must keep in your mind while buying a new graphics card. When you are going to buy a graphics card under 40 dollars, you have to pay attention to its features that the chosen video card is according to your need? Hence after understanding your main concern, you will be able to buy the best card from the list. Please have a look at the following list: 


The size of the GPU is declared as one of the most important factors in buying guide. The graphics cards are designed to fit in a variety of form factors. It is essential as well as good for you to measure the size of your PC case before buying a graphics card under 40 dollars 

Cooling / Noise 

Some people like the sound and noise created by graphics cards but on the other side, some of them don’t. If you are one of them, then go for a graphics card with a cooling system because the graphics card with a cooling system doesn’t make noise. However, the cheaper graphics card only comes with a heat sink, they don’t have a fan in them. 


While taking a look at the specs section of the graphics card I advise you to just go through the benchmark tests and check the amount of RAM and Clock speed, because these two factors are going to change your experience with your new graphics card.

Chris Stobing
Chris Stobing is a hardware analyst at PhenomBuilts. He is a graduate of New York University. Chris brings his experience benchmarking and reviewing gadgets and PC hardware such as graphics cards, monitors, storage, and networking equipment.
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