Best RGB PC Cases in 2021

Best RGB PC Cases in 2021

The first thing you’ll need for an aesthetically beautiful PC is a fancy PC casing made of glassy material and outfitted with RGB lighting. If you want to make things more appealing and elegant, the best RGB case would be ideal. The RGB features give a touch of glitz to your PC case, allowing it to complement your whole color scheme. Essentially, a PC case is responsible for keeping all of the components connected and in order, however, in today’s technological era, PC cases have a lot more functionality than they used to. They are available in various sizes, which are referred to as form factors. Each kind is compatible with a variety of different items. The more you look into it, the more remarkable examples you’ll come across. This contemporary epoch has produced outstanding cases with top features, productive performance, and highly sophisticated designs.

These days, not only do these cases have built-in cooling systems. People seek toolless designs and premium appearances at accessible price ranges. These cases have enough space to support all the power you need to play modern video games in 4k resolution. Another crucial feature that distinguishes case standards is compatibility. PC cases nowadays are priced differently depending on the performance they provide as well as the redundant features and accessories they provide. We’ve included various PC cases horizontal filters below, and all are the best RGB computer cases.

Top RGB PC Cases – Comparison Table

DesignBuying GuidesRetailer
Corsair iCUE 220T Tempered Glass-Overall Best RGB PC CaseCorsair iCUE 220T Tempered GlassCheck Price
MUSETEX Phantom 907-Runner-Up Best RGB PC CaseMUSETEX Phantom 907-Runner-Up Check Price
AeroCool Klaw- Best Budget RGB PC CaseAeroCool KlawCheck Price
Asus Helios GX601- Best High-End RGB CaseAsus Helios GX601 Check Price
Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-Best RGB Micro ATX CaseAntec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M Check Price
darkFlash Phantom DR12-Worth ConsideringDarkFlash Phantom DR12-Worth Considering Check Price
Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D-Best Premium Case for RGB FansCorsair Obsidian Series 1000DCheck Price
InWin A1 PlusProduct Description-Best RGB Mini-ITX CaseInWin A1 PlusProduct DescriptionCheck Price

Corsair iCUE 220T Tempered Glass-Overall Best RGB PC Case

Corsair has the best RGB PC Case in the industry. They are intended for greater aesthetics and appropriate control using the CORSAIR iCUE software. This app allows you to adjust RGB across all Corsair devices that accept iCUE. This Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Tempered Glass chassis has a Corsair lighting node core pre-installed. With a simple controller, it controls RGB lights as well as fans. The chassis has three SP120 RGB PRO FANS, each with eight individually controllable LEDs through the iCUE module.

 The LED fans also have an RGB controller that allows you to switch between different settings. These are also connected to a fan controller that works with an included remote with plenty of features.

From the perspective of a first-time PC builder, cable management is a little difficult. The areas are cramped, and if you plan on using a big PSU, you’ll have a difficult time handling the cables since the clearance between the PSU and the HDD cage is just a few inches.

The Corsair was aiming for a small but excellent airflow design, a 140mm PSU would fit well. The installation of a 360mm radiator would prevent access to the 3.5″ drive space. The pre-installed fans feature nice RGB lightning but are loud when set to aggressive mode.


  • The front steel cover is detachable.
  • Up to four hard drives may be supported.
  • Two panes of tempered glass.
  • Good thermal performance.


  • A LED indicates that there is no HDD activity.
  • With the standard arrangement, there is no AIO cooling.


Case Form FactorMid Tower
Case MaterialSteel + Tempered Glass side panel
Motherboard SupportATX, Micro-ATX, ITX
Drive BayTwo 2.5’’ & Two 3.5’’
GPU Clearance300 mm
CPU Clearance160 mm
PSU Clearance180 mm
RGB FansThree 120 mm
USB Version3.0
Radiator Compatibility360 mm
Weight14.3 pounds
Dimensions15.55 x 8.27 x 17.72 inches

MUSETEX Phantom 907-Runner-Up Best RGB PC Case

MUSETEX Phantom 907 is an RGB case with a beautiful and dust-resistant design. The fans in this example are controlled by a remote. The number of admirers is more than in previous occurrences. 6! remarkable for such a low price, right? However, their quality isn’t top-notch, so this function isn’t as cool as it seems. The lights, on the other hand, had us dumbfounded for a time. You may operate them with your voice in three distinct ways. The symphony, horse racing, and static modes of the lights will undoubtedly wow the user.

The cooling system is another achievement for the organization. This case’s cable management maintains the system orderly and makes it more appealing. The airflow is adequately competent. The temperature of the system stays ideal. All of these qualify it as the runner-up for Best RGB PC Case. Customer service is poor, and several customers have often complained about their inability to respond quickly.

However, since they are a smaller and less well-known corporation, you cannot expect them to be as impressive in all areas. This case is one of their most prestigious offers, with so much to love. Its compatibility with most motherboards and hardware support is outstanding.


  • Music and light show
  • High-quality cable management
  • Stunning tempered glass panels


  • Louder fans LED fans.
  • There is no detachable power supply shroud.


Case Form FactorMid-Tower
Case MaterialTempered Glass + ABS + Steel chassis
Motherboard SupportE-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive BayThree 2.5’’ & Three 3.5”
GPU Clearance380 mm
CPU Clearance160 mm
PSU Clearance200 mm
RGB FansSix 120 mm
USB Version3.0
Radiator Compatibility240 mm
Weight18 pounds
Dimensions17.13 x 8.07 x 17.16 inches
CPU Clearance

AeroCool Klaw- Best Budget RGB PC Case

The AeroCool Klaw has a sound design with RGB elements that will push the limits of what is possible. We would name it the finest RGB pc case since its three fans function well and keep the system running smoothly without overheating. You may also install more fans. As a result, you can easily increase your liquid cooling. This chassis also boasts the greatest metal shroud in its class. It conceals the HDDs as well as the power supply and provides a clean appearance. Some of its drawbacks include a small power supply and an outdated generation of I/O. In certain places, the casing is a little thin and flimsy.

Nonetheless, its low price compensates for all of these flaws. That is why it is regarded as the Best Budget RGB PC Case. It is for everyone who wants to pay less while getting more. The appearance, performance, and pricing will not disappoint. It is similar to the company’s prior recent product, which was a huge success.

It features a four-tempered glass panels design that allows you to view the entirety of your internal components. This case has become equally valued and competitive as a result of the brand. It is appropriate for the majority of individuals, ranging from casual users to experienced players.


  • On top, there is a magnetic dust filter.
  • Two side panels made entirely of tempered glass
  • HDDs and the power supply are hidden under a metal shroud.


  • There are no handles to lift.
  • Material that is easily scratched.


Case Form FactorMid Tower
Case MaterialSPCC + ABS
Motherboard SupportATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive Bay2x Internal “2.5/3.5” & 4x Internal 2.5″
GPU Clearance370 mm
CPU Clearance164 mm
PSU Clearance182 mm
RGB FansThree 120 mm
USB Version3.0
Radiator Compatibility280 mm
Weight18.76 pounds
Dimensions18.15 x 8.98 x 17.52 inches

Asus Helios GX601- Best High-End RGB Case

The Asus ROG Strix Helios GX601 is stylish, and its eye-catching design will have you falling head over heels for it. The dark and elegant appearance will complement the aesthetics of other components, and your project will seem entirely sophisticated and classy. ASUS is already a huge success in the technology world, and there is no need to exaggerate to explain its magnificence. Thus, the product’s name signifies world-class quality and a prominent position amid other situations. It allows you to modify quite a bit as the Best High-End RGB Case. GPUs may be mounted in a variety of ways. This case will be chosen without hesitation by knowledgeable gamers and ASUS enthusiasts. This technique is beyond amazing for budget monitors and others.

You may find it difficult to spend a significant amount of money on this case, but it is well worth the sacrifice. Furthermore, when you consider its performance and value as the best RGB PC case, it is not that expensive.

If you’ve been looking for a cooling performance that’s second to none, this case is a sure bet. The dust filters keep everything neat and clean, which enhances cooling. Once you’ve delved into your gaming cravings with this product, there’s no turning back. In a word, if you have an obsessive need for the best PC case, this case has your back.


  • Carry Handles Made of Woven Cotton.
  • Three simple-to-clean dust filters.
  • Mounts up to two GPUs vertically/3 horizontally.
  • RGB lit to improve the bland aesthetics for connectivity. 
  • Pre-installed RGB Led fans.


  • There is no USB 3.2 support.
  • Heavier than comparable items.


Case Form FactorMid Tower
PC Case MaterialAluminum + Alloy Steel
Motherboard SupportE-ATX / ATX / Micro-ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive Bay2 x Int x 2.5”/3.5” Combo Bay & 4 x Int x 2.5” Bay
GPU Clearance450 mm
CPU Clearance190 mm
PSU Clearance220 mm
RGB FansFour 140 mm Fans
USB Version3.1
Radiator Compatibility420 mm
Weight39.6 pounds
Dimensions22.24 x 9.8 x 23.26 inches

Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M-Best RGB Micro ATX Case

Let’s start with something simple and inexpensive. This is where the Antec Dapper Dark Phantom DP301M enters the fray. This rug pc case preserves the capacity and quality of the company’s prior offerings while being reasonably priced. It is more compact and lower in weight than previous cases of the same kind. Despite its lack of renown, it has many redeeming qualities. The major users of this basic product are those gamers who aren’t enamored with luxury looks and opulent features. Because it is an entry-level case, not everyone will be satisfied with its few yet excellent features.

However, it is rather grandiose for newcomers. We would not hesitate to declare this wonderful case the Best RGB Micro ATX Case due to its incredible performance. Its design isn’t spectacular or eye-catching, but it’s also not horrible. This is not the case if you are a hobbyist and an upgrader.

However, if you are fresh to the technological world, there is no better solution at this price. The material utilized in the construction is rather sturdy and dependable, and the finishing touches have enhanced the overall appearance. Despite the fact that it is a little case, it has a distinct atmosphere and magnificence.

Simply put, the Phantom 907 is one of the best RGB PC cases available for mid-range builders. Simply put, the Phantom 907 is one of the best RGB PC cases available for mid-range builders.


  • Dust filters that can be removed
  • Front panel mesh design
  • Reset and power buttons are located on the front panel.


  • There are no 5.25″ drive bays.


Case Form FactorMicro-ATX
Case MaterialSPCC + Plastic
Motherboard SupportMicro-ATX / Mini-ITX
Drive BayTwo 3.5″/2.5″ & Two 2.5″
GPU Clearance360 mm
CPU Clearance160 mm
PSU Clearance170 mm
RGB FansOne non-RGB fan
USB Version3.0
Radiator Compatibility280 mm
Weight10.8 pounds
Dimensions8.27 x 16.54 x 15.83 inches

DarkFlash Phantom DR12-Worth Considering

The darkFlash Phantom DR12 boasts an effective cooling system with high-quality, pre-installed RGB fans that operate well, making this PC case a Worth Considering alternative. Several fans and ventilation should be carefully examined while selecting a case. As a result, this solution virtually completely eliminates one of the key worries of PC builders. The case features plenty of expansion holes and can accommodate a 280mm radiator in the front, a 280mm radiator on top, or a 120mm radiator in the back. The RGB element enhances the appearance of this case and makes gaming more enjoyable and enjoyable.

With the silent operation that gamers are used to, this pc case is a pleasure for those just starting out in the gaming and esports scene. When it comes to quality appearances, the tempered glass design has it all. It’s possible to call it the best RGB case. Surprisingly, this case provides a lot of flexibility for modification, which means that each user may make the most of it in his or her own manner.

However, cable management is a bit inconvenient. But who cares about a few drawbacks when you have a plethora of fantastic features at your disposal? Some of our experts also consider it to be the greatest value chassis. Its tough and heavy-duty design ensures its longevity.


  • Solid and high-quality construction.
  • Builders looking for a compact case with RGB lighting.
  • Three panes of tempered glass.
  • Six pre-installed RGB LED fans.


  • Difficult installation
  • There is no support for a bigger power supply.


Case Form FactorMid Tower
PC Case MaterialTempered glass panel + Alloy Steel
Motherboard SupportATX / Micro-ATX / ITX
Drive BayTwo 3.5” and Two 2.5”
GPU Clearance359 mm
CPU Clearance174 mm
PSU Clearance160 mm
RGB FansFour RGB fans and Two non-RGB fans
USB Version3.0
Radiator Compatibility280 mm
Weight22 pounds
Dimensions24.2 x 22 x 11.8 inches

Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D-Best Premium Case for RGB Fans

Corsair is well-known for its high-quality goods and is the brand most favored by gamers since its PC gaming peripherals are second to none. One of their most anticipated goods is the Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D. Not only is this the finest RGB pc case, but it is also a feature-rich housing solution. It also draws the attention of individuals seeking exquisite and magnificent appearances. As the Best Premium Case for RGB Fans, this PC case has won the hearts of consumers from all walks of life. The elegant and iconic style has upped the user’s demands and expectations. Could you image the performance and class it had if it was loaded with a slew of powerful fans? Insane! Isn’t that right? It is, without a doubt, a formidable beast. CORSAIR Commander PRO digital RGB lighting is a piece of art in and of itself.

The dual-system configuration allows you to add new components to your construction with ease. With its opulent appearance and feature set, you can’t expect it to be a low-profile case with a modest price tag. Of course, the cost isn’t for the public.

This is a wonderful product and the brand’s best achievement, causing waves of excitement among every builder since the firm debuted it. You would never have to worry about updating your build on a regular basis with it. It is, without a doubt, the best bargain on the market.

Instead, it has four tempered glass panels to showcase the RGB lighting on the fans and motherboard.


  • There are several expansion slots.
  • Up to eighteen fan mounts are available.
  • Intelligent fan and lighting control.


  • There are no dust screens.
  • pricier than comparable items.


Case Form FactorSuper-Tower
Case MaterialSteel+ Aluminum+Tempered Glass
Motherboard SupportTwo Motherboard E-ATX with Mini-ITX
Drive Bay(x6) 2.5in (x5) 3.5in
GPU Clearance400 mm
CPU Clearance180 mm
PSU Clearance225 mm
USB Version3.1
Radiator Compatibility420 mm
Weight65 pounds
Dimensions27.3 x 12.1 x 27.4 inches

InWin A1 PlusProduct Description-Best RGB Mini-ITX Case

The InWin A1 Plus is one of the rare goods that has nothing to hate in any way. Its two RGB fans and a one-of-a-kind built-in Qi charging function for wireless gaming with your mouse or wireless charging of your smartphone add to its strengths. You may also add Extra fans. It allows you to choose between air cooling and liquid cooling. The players are enthralled by the LED aspect. This excellent product is the Best RGB Mini-ITX Case and has a suitable size for people looking for a tiny chassis with a touch of all the fantastic features. The brand is well-known for its sleek designs and refusal to make any compromises in terms of great and stylish features. This chassis’ dust filters also perform effectively and keep everything clean. RGB components might not be compatible with others, so double-check beforehand to ensure your motherboard has the correct headers. RGB computer cases floating around. 

Because little dirt and dust enter the system, the airflow is excellent and not clogged. Overall, folks like the RGB case because of its versatility and ability to keep everything spick and span. The dependability and functionality of a PC energize the whole atmosphere and system. With these features, it created a sensation among the intended demographic and is appreciated by practically all users.

This “super-tower” features enough space to house 18 fans and up to four massive radiators installed simultaneously. Small form factor cases like the NZXT H200i can only accommodate Mini-ITX boards and are restrictive for other big GPUs components. 


  • A 650W power supply is supplied.
  • attractively beautiful and compact
  • Wireless charging for mobile devices and a gamic microphone are integrated.


  • There is no room for a hard drive installation.
  • Installing might be difficult for newcomers.


Case Form FactorMini ITX Tower
Case MaterialSECC + Tempered Glass
Motherboard SupportMini-ITX
Drive Bay2 x 2.5″
GPU Clearance320 mm
CPU Clearance160 mm
PSU Clearance210 mm
RGB FansTwo Sirius Loop ASL120 120mm
USB Version3.0
Radiator Compatibility??
Weight16.7 pounds
Dimensions13.5 x 8.27 x 9.09 inches

Final Words

Chassis exist in a variety of sizes and forms, but the best one for you cannot be determined by size or a certain con. If you are perplexed, attempt to set down your criteria after reading our evaluation. Then, from the list, choose the necessities and make a note of which PC case contains those qualities.

It would be useful if you needed some RGB effects without losing performance or durability, as well as without wasting money. It follows that you must choose a complete PC Case with RGB with care. As a result, you may benefit from our experience-based evaluations. It will simplify your decision. Making decisions becomes much easier when you have a budget. Purchasing the most costly chassis may result in a missing feature in your design.

Buying Guides for Best RGB PC Cases

We have some shopping advice for those who are new to PC construction and want to know the do’s and don’ts while purchasing the Best RGB PC Cases.

RGB Lighting

Some chassis come with RGB fans and RGB lighting strips pre-installed. Certain RGB cases feature lightning controllers, while others rely on motherboard controllers to complete the job. RGB might be static or dynamic, so be sure you choose the right one for you.

Motherboard Support

RGB PC cases come in a variety of form factors, and depending on their shape, they may accommodate a variety of motherboard sizes. Before choosing a chassis, double-check the motherboard size of your design.

Chassis Design

Chassis designs vary; some facilitate high airflow while others concentrate on liquid cooling. Some use glass to reveal your complete gear, while others keep it discreet and closed.

Drive Bay

If you are a content producer, you will need a lot of storage space. The storage devices are available in two sizes: 2.5″ and 3.5″. There should be enough drive bays in the chassis to accommodate your storage device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is the best gaming PC case?

The AeroCool Klaw is the ideal PC case for gamers, with three built-in fans and the ability to add more. Because of the effectiveness of the fans and the various vents, it will keep your system very cool. With its strong chassis, avid gamers and multitaskers may take their activities to new heights. The addressable RGB increases the appearance of this case, and all of this comes at a reasonable price.

Q.What exactly is an RGB PC case?

RGB cases have always had a beautiful appearance, but they now have numerous features and are more fascinating than before. An RGB PC case has RGB lighting, which adds a new dimension to the appearance of your system and spices things up. These cases have sophisticated functionality and attractive designs to offer. If you don’t have time to investigate and compare, go with the well-trusted Corsair Obsidian Series 1000D, a product that gamers rely on.

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