How to Clean a Motherboard

A number of things may cause laptops to malfunction. The dust that penetrates into the laptop ultimately contaminates the motherboard, which serves as the computer’s brain. Dust accumulation may harm motherboards.

These particles have the potential to damage circuitry on the motherboard, causing the computer to slow down or freeze. Your laptop’s motherboard may be sprayed with compressed air to clean it. You must be careful not to harm your laptop’s internal components when cleaning it.

When Should a Motherboard Be Cleaned?

Many individuals strive to keep viruses and other spyware off their computers. However, most of us do not pay as much attention to computer sanitation and upkeep as we should.

Many individuals strive to keep viruses and other spyware off their computers. However, most of us do not pay as much attention to computer sanitation and upkeep as we should.

Gets rid of stains

Dirt, dust, and grime collect over time in many areas of the computer, including the motherboard. If not properly cleaned, a dusty floor might leave persistent stains.

Defends against corrosion

Dust may corrode and rust the motherboard, as well as harm its numerous components. The motherboard might be permanently damaged, resulting in poor performance. If users do not clean the motherboard correctly, it may stop working.

Financial Savings

It’s conceivable that a motherboard may fail, and you’ll have to replace it completely. A defective motherboard may need regular replacements, resulting in a significant financial outlay. Even while cleaning the motherboard may seem to be a lot of labor, it will save you money and time in the long run.

Prevents Illness From Dust Particles

The microorganisms in computer hardware may occasionally make people sick. When the computer’s cooling fans spin, dust particles may be dispersed into the air. Dust particles may make someone ill over time if they breathe this air for too long, particularly if they have respiratory issues.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your computer’s hardware, particularly the motherboard, on a regular basis can considerably enhance its performance.

Methods are used mostly to Clean Motherboard

1. Clean Motherboard using Compressed Air

Cleaning your motherboard with compressed air or a blower is the safest option. It may take a bit more time with this approach, but the end product will be well worth it. Any big box store will sell you a keyboard cleaner or an air blower. It is not possible to heat air by compressing it in this manner.

Shut down your computer entirely and dismantle it if you wish to check the motherboard. Compressed air may be used to remove dust and grime. The particles that are difficult to remove may need further effort.

If air isn’t working for you, try using a gentle brush. To release dust particles, brush as lightly as possible. Use pressurized air once again once they’ve been totally eliminated. You may need to repeat the procedure numerous times to thoroughly delete everything.

2. Clean Motherboard Using Isopropyl Alcohol

Compressed air may not be able to adequately clean a dirty motherboard. The motherboard must be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol to remove these obstinate regions.

It’s important to understand that pouring liquid on your motherboard is a sensitive operation, so proceed with caution to avoid damaging your computer.

Make sure the isopropyl alcohol you’re using is at least 90% pure and no more than 95% pure. As a consequence, stains will be removed. They’re also non-conductive, and they’ll dry quickly enough that you won’t be harmed throughout the drying process.

Before proceeding with this critical matter, you should carefully read all of the instructions.

3. Clean a Motherboard With Alcohol

The motherboard of the computer must be removed before the cleaning procedure can begin. Turn off your PC to do this. Also, make sure the electrical connection is turned off to avoid an electrical shock.

The motherboard will be detached from the CPU by removing the screws. To avoid damage, place the motherboard flat after removing it. As a consequence, using a tray is strongly advised, as surplus alcohol is also captured during the cleaning procedure.

Using compressed air blasted by a vacuum, dust may be removed from the motherboard. You may also use a brush to get into the nooks and crevices of the motherboard.

After the dust has been removed, apply a thin coating of alcohol to the surface. Alcohol may also be used to clean motherboards as well as soak them in them. You’ll begin sloughing off and dissolving the stains as soon as you’ve done so. If the stains are too tenacious, massage the motherboard lightly while immersing it in alcohol. Tough stains on your motherboard may be removed using a cloth and alcohol. Depending on how black the stain is, dipping the motherboard might take several minutes.

Allow the motherboard to dry fully before replacing it in the PC.

Keep these Things in Mind

1. Make it a point to clean your motherboard at least once a year.

2. If the motherboard is still under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer. The warranty may be invalidated if you clean yourself with isopropyl alcohol. Solicit their assistance in the cleaning procedure.

3. Before cleaning the computer, turn it off and shut it down fully.

4. Isopropyl alcohol (99%) was used to clean the motherboard.

5. Allow the motherboard to dry fully before restarting the machine.

6. If you’re not sure how to clean a motherboard, hire an expert.


It is not necessary to maintain your computer on a daily basis. It must, however, be completed on time. Pollutants enter the motherboards of computers via the air.

Any technology department at a school or a company will almost always have sealed, air-conditioned rooms. It not only reduces overheating but also keeps dirt out of the motherboard.

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