How to Fix Modern Warfare High CPU Usage

High CPU usage is a big issue for many gamers, especially those who play games like Modern Warfare. In this article we’ll show you how to fix the high-CPU problem and make your computer less busy! Highly CPU intensive content can sometimes be bothersome as well as slower running processes in general on individual computers because it takes up extra processing power from other tasks being performed simultaneously such as opening multiple files at once or doing something else Online while playing an online game without any delay between clicks which would happen if there was lag caused by slow internet speed

Update your graphics card driver

It’s important that you keep your graphics card driver up-to date, because as products mature and new software is released bugs are fixed in these updates. A regular check can help make sure the best performance for whatever game or application may come along next!

Manually update your graphics driver

Though you can find the appropriate drivers for your system through device manager, it is recommended that instead of downloading them manually and following complicated installation procedures on-screen instructions are followed.

It may take some time but these steps will assure compatibility between all hardware components within your computer so there’s no need to worry about broken software or hardware parts once everything has been installed properly by using specific versions only available from Microsoft themselves!

In order to use the camera on your Windows device, you must first download and install drivers for it. There are different versions of these necessary programs so be sure find out which ones match with what version number from within windows before downloading them manually or else risk having a corrupted installation!

Automatically update your graphics card driver (recommended)

With just a few clicks, you can have the correct drivers automatically installed on your computer so that it will operate at its best. Driver Easy is reliable and easy to use – no matter what kind of system (AMD/Intel) or operating system (Windows Vista / 7).

Driver Easy is the answer for all your driver updating needs. It can find and install drivers with a single click, saving you time troubleshooting on CDW long after installation has been completed!

To make sure you have the latest and most up-to-date drivers for all of your devices, use our automatic driver update tool. This will download and install any missing or outdated ones with just one click! The program also comes packed full of features such as support (if needed) as well as a 30 day guarantee that allows users to test out their purchase without spending money right away if they’re not satisfied at first glance

Check for game updates

Updating your game is the best way to stay up-to date with all of its features and ensure that you’re playing on an optimized version. If something doesn’t work quite right, make sure there aren’t any new updates available for download!

Disable unnecessary programs running in the background

Although it’s easy to think of RAM as just a place for programs, in reality the memory serves many other functions. For instance, when you have too many running at once or are using them intensively like browsers and game launchers there can be an effect on system performance because this could take up valuable resources that would otherwise go toward maintaining your computer’s functionality

Delete temp files

Temporary files are used by Windows and the programs you use. They take up some space, but deleting them won’t cause any problems because they’re temporary! To delete a temp file:

In Computer Management > Storage Spaces click on Volume under Data Disks from there select your volume(s) where you want to store data disks Click View Volumes

Change priority level

In order to prevent your computer from going into a state of high CPU usage, you need to change the priority for Modern Warfare using taskmgr.

1) Launch the game and then press Windows Logo Key + R at same time in order open Run dialog box. Type “taskmgr” without quotes into input field and click OK button when it comes up next – there should now be 3 options available under Performance tab: High Priority Processes Running Background processes Not responding if they have been set too fast so choose Normal until ready otherwise select Lowest Leveling option will do just fine here!

A common problem with games like Modern Warfare, which is intensive on the CPU and can cause spikes in framerate if left at default settings. To avoid this issue just change your game’s priority from high to normal by pressing Win+R followed by typing taskmgr into Run dialog box without quotes then press Enter button-only once all key combinations have been entered correctly!

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