How to Use Wi-Fi With Airplane Mode On Android

Want to utilize Wifi on your Android phone even while it’s in airplane mode? Are you unsure if it’s feasible or not? This essay, on the other hand, will answer all of your questions and concerns. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware that even after setting Airplane mode on Android smartphones, there are methods to access the internet.

You won’t need any knowledge or hacking-level engineering to utilize or comprehend this. Instead, a few changes to the Android smartphone are required, and the wifi will begin to work in airplane mode.

Additional information: After you switch on Airplane Mode, you may also activate cellular networks and Bluetooth.

What Is Airplane Mode?

Let’s have a look at the aircraft function and how it works on Android smartphones before we get into how to make wi-fi operate in airplane mode. According to the description, the airplane mode in Android phones may be used to block all types of wireless communication once it is turned on.

When you enable Airplane mode on your Android phone, it disables mobile networks, as well as phone calls, internet access, and any other wireless connections. Disabling airplane mode will also remove the limitation, allowing wireless connections to be used again.

How Does Android’s Airplane Mode Work?

The fundamental motivation for including airplane mode in Android smartphones was to make it simple to activate or disable all wireless connections with a single touch. The airplane mode option can be found in the fast settings menu, which is accessible by sliding down from the top of the smartphone.

When you turn on airplane mode on your Android phone, it goes into that mode. To minimize wire-less network interference between the device and the aircraft, it is recommended that we keep our phones in airplane mode whenever we travel by plane or airline.

Airplane Mode and Wireless Connections

Let’s have a look at how turning airplane mode on affects wireless connections:

a) Cellular Connection:

When you turn on Airplane mode on your Android phone, it stops receiving signals and you won’t be able to make calls, send messages, or connect to the internet.

b) Wi-Fi Connection:

When airplane mode is activated, the internet connection is immediately deactivated. Additionally, the auto-scanning will be disabled.

c) Connection through Bluetooth

On Android smartphones, airplane mode disables the Bluetooth connection.

d) GPS compatibility

When the airplane mode is turned on, the GPS signal connection is likewise turned off.

We don’t always want to be bothered by calls or texts on our Android phones. Simply turn on airplane mode from the Quick Menu by tapping on the symbol. This may also help you preserve battery life or turn off alerts if you don’t want them. You will be free of distractions if you keep your phone in flight mode.

How Do I Enable Wifi And Connect To The Internet While In Airplane Mode?

Can the Internet be accessible on an Android phone when in Airplane mode? This is a topic that has been asked for a long time. Yes, it is now feasible. Of course, enabling Airplane mode disables your wifi connection entirely. However, with airplane mode turned on, any open wifi connection may be utilized to access the mobile internet.

In the next part, we’ll go through the complete procedure step by step:

Step 1: Access Quick Settings

To access the fast settings, open the Android smartphone and swipe from top to bottom.

Step 2: Activate Airplane Mode on your phone

It’s time to activate airplane mode on your Android phone once you’ve visited the quick settings menu. The airplane symbol will appear first; press it to activate the airplane mode. After that, your Android smartphone will be in airplane mode, which will block all wireless networks and transmissions.

Step 3: Activate WiFi

We need to turn on the wifi once the airplane mode symbol has been highlighted and switched on. For the same, the procedure is fairly straightforward. In the Settings app on your Android smartphone, go to Network & Settings and switch on Wi-Fi while keeping airplane mode on.

Wifi may also be turned on through the Quick Settings menu on an Android phone, in addition to the Settings menu (from where we enabled the flight mode in step 2).

That is all there is to it. Even when airplane mode is turned on, wifi is enabled on the Android smartphone. Now, open any browser and enjoy uninterrupted browsing, viewing movies, playing games, and so forth.

Bluetooth may be enabled, much like wifi, while the Android phone is in airplane mode. You may use your Bluetooth headphones in flight mode in this way. To do so, follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Switch to Airplane Mode

When you enable Airplane mode, Bluetooth will be turned off immediately (since it is a wireless connection).

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth

When you put airplane mode on, just as with wifi, the Bluetooth option may be located and activated from the quick access settings on your Android smartphone. Enable the same on your Android smartphone when it is in airplane mode.

As a result, any Android smartphone may have airplane mode activated, but the user can still use the internet or Bluetooth. So, if you follow the methods outlined above, you should be able to attain the same results without difficulty.


That is all there is to it. Even with airplane mode turned on, these were the procedures for accessing the internet. After following these steps, you should be able to connect to the internet with the airplane mode turned on.

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